sleepy archives

white noise

sometimes my brain speaks only in white noise is it
possible that i have memories of my own death sometimes
i think i’ve wasted all my softness on false memory

legs striped with blood, face a starved flower
wanting to be buried in the earth no telling
how long now, saying me oh, never, never me, i

spit out the poison given to me it bleeds from my
tongue like violets, lilies and roses and violents
a thin voice and water falling over my head

aches and the blood yolk from a crushed
skull a strange end like a sunrise, red
crying out morning

a bright knife burning me up like the color blue
neon death lying on a cold stomach wanting
no control and all of us breathing

oh in the same language
people born without the eyes to touch and
hands to see, learn with, it’s

the milk sickness getting to them
swallow the medicine with a throat of
red silk

the gray static lull getting to them the
soothing snow falling over and over in
side of the head i spit out the poison

never let it come down,
hearing half sweet
soft blue screams

daughters waving to goodbye
airplanes they go to the moon you
know you wouldn’t say

that if you believed it
i spit out the poison you
give me

shining clean clear ancient pure
forgetting dust falling over and over

there’s not enough truth in

nothing more than words
in that, dancing barefoot on glass
is all you’re doing

i dream myself
playing with matches
the whole

house goes up in
flames like wings
i dream myself

as machinery
mouthing nothing
i want nothing

more than to never
anything again

rewind the tape
rewind the blood

lovingly subsides
to the next moment
over and over

it happens
only once
and it



though you object to
words like these

i love the
way they honeyed

recording over old sounds
over and over again
nothing seems

so heavy as a velvet-lined
coffin these days
come back

let nothing come
to silver harm
stifle the ghosts

rewind the tape
rewind the tape
rewind the tape