sleepy archives

muse, unspecified

I like museums.
When I was little
I liked the long words
that tasted sweet and round
to mispronounce.

I wore a blue plaid coat with heavy arms
and I found a dried orange peel
in my pocket.

What about a statue
makes you want to put your arms around it?

There’s not much to be said for still faces
and stone bodies and cold veins
that only exist as surface features.

But we’re always impressed by the Greeks
and Romans and Egyptians.

No matter how hollow those faces are.

I’m a sucker for things that come in glass bottles.
Even if I don’t like what’s in it, I have to buy it.

Even if it’s just chocolate milk.

I’ll always drink a Coke if
it’s really cold and in a glass bottle.

When I was little,

I would pray to the ocean
to bring me a green glass bottle
with a message or a key to treasure in it.

I would come up with little chants
in my head. Like,

Sea, sea,
bring me a key.

When I was little
I crossed my fingers when I made a wish,
same as when I told a lie.