sleepy archives

lady of fruit

we reach through her stomach
in search of pearls

she shakes and swallows
her milksweet spit
with numb lips,

swollen and sullen
and suffering blue,
growing flowery
in her fleshy eye sockets,

marrow jelly
and roundly fingertips

she peels the petals of her skin away
and reveals gaping pomegranate

traps flies there, where they stick,
metastasize, grow fresh white worms

young roots, she grows

tall and leafy and
ungodly green,

and laughs broken jam jars
slick with ice cream sick with spices
she is sugary and sweaty and

untied ribbon-
weak muscles

juice box heart
and candied-shut jaws
cracked-open jewel-
case head

we mine for sticky seed ore and
white grape clusters of
shining maggot eggs

in her chest

suck on her rinds and
dislocate her eyes

she claws at the gape in her stomach
letting infants
chew white flesh with milkteeth

they make the sounds of
speaking and gurgling nothings

so they pour out—twelve
in all, pink and wrinkled
as roses

her twisting hair
blindfolds her and closes her mouth

children with soft
newborn skulls and
ripe flower oil,

children gasp and grasp for her ringed fingers
and suckle on them for dandelion milk
from the tips